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[Debconf-team] Visa support

Hi, DC Team!

Earlier, i wondered about how to get "evidences" required to enter to UK. As
much time passed, i repeat my question:

Is DC Team able to provide with some kind of official letter from the
organizator with the event information and dates, personal invitation,
accomodation guarantees (and with the organizator's info as well)?

It must be managed quick, as postal services are sometime quite slow, and we
prefer to have time in reserve to manage with our local embassies.

Al Nikolov       jid: alnikolov@jabber.ru irc: clown uin: 312108671
pgp fingerprint: 4B50 F1E3 080C 21A2 91F4  8BF0 CD60 3B5A 2ECF 984B

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