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Re: [Debconf-team] Visa support

> Hi, DC Team!


> Earlier, i wondered about how to get "evidences" required to enter to UK.
> As
> much time passed, i repeat my question:
> Is DC Team able to provide with some kind of official letter from the
> organizator with the event information and dates, personal invitation,
> accomodation guarantees (and with the organizator's info as well)?

We have started working on a draft of Letter of Invitation for DebConf7,
and a copy of which will be available soon (a month or two from now). We
will announce on this list when all those requiring a visa to enter UK
should write to our email to ask for such letter.

> It must be managed quick, as postal services are sometime quite slow, and
> we
> prefer to have time in reserve to manage with our local embassies.

It will be processed asap once we have finalized the above mentioned detalis.
We (the DC7 Team Visa Department) will announce the deadline for visa
supporting document (the letter) request as well.

Also, when initially contacted U.K. embassy in Sarajevo, I have gotten a
positive response in term of the shortness of time required for visa
applications processing. I was told it does not take more than 15 days,
and 1 month at longest. I hope similar standards apply at U.K. diplomatic
missions worldwide.

Safir Secerovic

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