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[Debconf-team] Re: [Debconf-website] spam on debconf web page

> On 10899 March 1977, Thomas Lange wrote:
> > There's spam on the web pages. Please remove it.
> > I would guess that there are more pages affected.
> Thanks, I removed that and some others, additionally blocked their IPs.
> Anyone out there who want to help keeping wiki.debconf.org clean, ie
> playing admin? I dont want to lock it down to "registered users only",
> thats not what its for, similar goes for external links.

Which wiki system do you use? If it's MediaWiki, I'm an admin of a MediaWiki 
system at our local lug and have some methods of removing spam and keeping 
the wiki clean, not to mention I maintain the database (regular backups and 
stuff), so I'd admin it if it's MediaWiki.

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