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Re: [Debconf-team] Venezuela: Travel Info and Satellite Images of Hotel

> Most countries don't require Visa for visit Venezuela, there's [WWW]a
> list of countries that do need[Spanish] 
That (http://www.mipunto.com/venezuelavirtual/000/001/005/002.html)
doesn't seem to be a full list -- it notes itself (in Spanish), "From
Asia: all except Japan, Malaysia and Taiwan [need visas]"; the list of
countries that do *not* require a visa which it links to
(http://www.mipunto.com/venezuelavirtual/000/001/005/003.html) doesn't
include out of European Union countries alone

Cyprus (Chipre)
Slovakia (Eslovaquia)
Slovenia (Eslovenia)
Greece (Grecia)
Hungary (Hungría)
Latvia (Letonia)
Poland (Polonia)
Czech Republic (República Checa)
Romania (Rumania)

But perhaps the list is out of date, can you find this information on an
official government website?
> ( Perú, Ecuador, Bolivia and Colombia don't need it already).

Do you mean that the rules have changed since that list was made?


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