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Re: [Debconf-team] Question for bid teams: outside the hotel

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Moray Allan escribió:
> How far is that?  What else is around -- is it a town/village/empty?
> How long does it take to travel into Puerto La Cruz/Barcelona, and how
> much does it cost to get there?

Taxis are readily available at the venue. They'll transport you to the
local airport, bus station, nearby malls and beaches, and the Puerto
La Cruz city. Two taxi lines are available, and private taxies can be
hired through the lobby in the Hotel. Taxi fares from the hotel to
Puerto La Cruz round 8 USD. Fares are negotiable, no tipping is
expected, most taxi drivers can issue receipts for the cost of the

The private bus station for Rodovias de Venezuela is in the hotel
area. Taxies are available at the bus station. The cost of a bus trip
from Caracas to Puerto La Cruz is 17 USD. Buses are air conditioned
and all passengers travel are covered by insurance.

The Caribbean Mall is ten minutes away from the hotel. It's safe to
walk to the Mall on daylight. If you feel unsafe after dusk, taxies
will take you to and from the Mall. The Mall has several stores, as
well as food establishments (pizza and Chinese food) and a Casino,
Bingo and Poker which has private security. You can play at the Casino
using your credit card, and you're protected under Venezuelan laws from
gambling establishments. Caribbean Mall also features a restaurant with
live music. Major credit and debit cards are accepted.

The Plaza Mayor Mall is twenty minutes away from the Hotel by car.
Taxies will take you to and from the hotel for under 5 USD. It
features stores, food establishments, computer stores and
entertainment, including four movie theatres.
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