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Re: [Debconf-team] Questions for bid teams: networking

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Moray Allan escribió:
> Are high-speed internet connections common in the locations you propose?
> -- will getting one arranged for DebConf be routine, or require special
> arrangements?

We can setup our own wireless networking. Wired Internet is provided in
the hotel, but most likely we're going to use our own connection,
provided by a satellite link. Most of the connections will be wireless.

(from: https://debconf.org.ve/answering.html)

Several options are being considered right now (and we can work out a
mix of them, of course)

* Internet connectivity using EVDO modems; bandwidth would be between 1
and 2.4 Mbps per modem; this would require little arrangement since some
people in the team already have one of these modems and local sponsors
are also able to provide them.
* Wired ADSL connectivity; bandwidth would be between 1024 and 1536
Kbps; this would require little arrangement since commercial providers
offer this service.
* Satellite Internet connectivity through both State-owned and privately
owned providers. Most likely connectivity would be E1.

> Are the hotels ready for Debian laying network cables around their
> buildings?  What requirements would they place on us in this?

In talk rooms, yes; but of course wireless networking would be
appreciated by the staff in most situations. They've said that we can
layout our own cables for electricity. As long as we don't interfere
with the common areas (i.e., not laying a cable in the middle of the
lobby), it's OK.

> (On a related note: how many power sockets are there in the talk/hacking
> rooms?)

We've both sent someone to the hotel and wrote to the hotel regarding
this. The management should send a response on monday.

> Where the hotel already has networking in place, would they allow us to
> take over the network for the duration of the conference, to change what
> it is connected to and remove their normal firewall etc.?

Most likely no, since other guests will be using this infrastructure as
well. However, see the first question in this mail.
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