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[Debconf-team] Question for bid teams: outside the hotel

Many DebConf attendees like to visit restaurants/bars outside the venue.
If a group of people walk out the building, what is available in the
immediate surroundings of the different hotels suggested?

> Caribbean Mall shopping center is within walking distance from the
> venue.

How far is that?  What else is around -- is it a town/village/empty?

How long does it take to travel into Puerto La Cruz/Barcelona, and how
much does it cost to get there?

Mar de Plata:
> The hotel is located in the center of Mar del Plata

I assume there are places to go in close walking distance, then?

> The hotel is located 8km away of Mendoza

Is there anything else in the area of the hotel?

How long does it take to get into the city, and how much does it cost?


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