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Re: [Debconf-team] Questions for bid teams: networking

Debian Venezuela DC Team dijo [Sun, Jan 07, 2007 at 10:18:54PM -0400]:
> > Are high-speed internet connections common in the locations you propose?
> > -- will getting one arranged for DebConf be routine, or require special
> > arrangements?
> We can setup our own wireless networking. Wired Internet is provided in
> the hotel, but most likely we're going to use our own connection,
> provided by a satellite link. Most of the connections will be wireless.

Stay away from satellite links if possible. I see you have several
other options contemplated - Satellite links offer _terrible_
latencies for interactive sessions. It's good to have one such link,
if at all, as a backup plan, or to split by use. Don't try to use
satellite as the main Debconf link, or people will hate it :)

> * Internet connectivity using EVDO modems; bandwidth would be between 1
> and 2.4 Mbps per modem; this would require little arrangement since some
> people in the team already have one of these modems and local sponsors
> are also able to provide them.
> * Wired ADSL connectivity; bandwidth would be between 1024 and 1536
> Kbps; this would require little arrangement since commercial providers
> offer this service.

Also, be aware of several details with those offers. Usually,
providers will tell you this, and will try to keep up their offers the
best way they can - But if we want to have 10-20Mbps for the
conference, and the conference is not in a well-covered area (i.e. an
important urban center), the ISP might not be able to add up enough
links. As an example, in Oaxtepec we hired 5x2Mbps cable connections -
The combined throughput was 7Mbps. I doubt we would have got much more
even if we had hired more lines. This is specially true for wireless


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