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[Debconf-team] Question for bid teams: distances

I'd like some more information on distances from the bid teams -- in
Mexico, everything was "in the same hotel", but many people complained
about the talks being too far from the hacklabs.

> The Hotel Maremares is arranged horizontally in eleven (11) buildings 
> of three (3) floors each.

> Everything would be inside the same hotel.

How far apart are the rooms with the talks/hacklabs/food?

Mar de Plata:
> It's a hotel in a tower, the furthest would be to have to take the
> elevator. Most of the conference rooms are two floors apart. The hotel
> has 22 floors.

Are there also stairs that we can use between the conference rooms
(talks/hacklabs/food)?  I've been at conferences in tower hotels where
people spent a *long* time waiting for lifts [=elevators], e.g. when a
talk ends and many people want to change floors.  (And in Canada the
stairs were only available for use as fire exits, not for normal


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