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Re: [Debconf-team] Question for bid teams: distances

Hola Moray Allan!

> Mendoza:
> > Everything would be inside the same hotel.
> How far apart are the rooms with the talks/hacklabs/food?

I've added a couple of links with pictures from googlemaps.  The distance
from one end to the other of the building is less than 200 m.  So, if you
happen to be going from one end to the other, the maximum distance would be
that.  I'm asking for the blueprints of the hotel in order to have the
exact distance between each place.

> Mar de Plata:
> > It's a hotel in a tower, the furthest would be to have to take the
> > elevator. Most of the conference rooms are two floors apart. The hotel
> > has 22 floors.
> Are there also stairs that we can use between the conference rooms
> (talks/hacklabs/food)?  I've been at conferences in tower hotels where
> people spent a *long* time waiting for lifts [=elevators], e.g. when a
> talk ends and many people want to change floors.  (And in Canada the
> stairs were only available for use as fire exits, not for normal
> movement.)

Stairs are available, yes.  As you can, almost, see in these pics:

This hotel is used every year to host quite a bunch of conferences, so I
expect that kind of details to be taken into account.

 Bezos,     (o.
     Marga. (/)_

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