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Re: [Debconf-team] Argentinian proposal for DC8


On 1/3/07, Ana Guerrero <ana@ekaia.org> wrote:
Some (personal) comments:
-what exaclty did you lead to make 2 proposals? (i have read something about
this in IRC, but i think this an interesting point)

Well, as mentioned on IRC, both locations have their pros and cons.
We like both of them, and it's difficult for us to weight which pro
and which con is more important.  So, we'd rather let the rest of the
team decide which is more important.

-if the team were asked to choose a venue, what venue would be chosen?

This is a very tough call.  On one side, the hotel in Mar del Plata is
a really good one (and we even have other hotels in the city that
would be as good, but the price needs to be negotiated), but I feel
that some attendees won't like the trip by bus.

On the other side, the hotel in Mendoza is also a good one, and
although it's not specialized in this kind of events, we are getting
an event group to help us out.  The city of Mendoza is one of the most
beautiful in Argentina, and it's better connected internationally.

I guess that if I were to choose by the hotels, I'd choose Mar del
Plata, and if I were to choose by the location, I'd choose Mendoza.
But both things are good enough at both venues.  And that's why it
became so difficult for us to make the choice.

-could you make an extra page pointing the main differences between both

Yeah, a summary or something like that.  We'll do it.


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