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[Debconf-team] rootvzla


I just took my listmasters hat and disabled rootvzlas subscription.

Someone who speaks spanish who could inform him, from what I read I dont
think an english mail would be enough?

Reason: From what I see on the list it doesnt look like a serious thing,
but more like a trolling. First there is the missing name (if you have
real claims - why dont you show your name?), then there is the summaries
of the mails from spanish speaking people. Nothing that looks good.

If there is something to discuss, which *may* be the case - the -discuss
list is not closed for him *and* he can use other spanish speaking
people to sent mails to -team if they contain real points we should
consider for our DC8 decision. (IIRC Gunnar offered to help translating
mail, for example).

In case enough members of -team disagree with this decision - speak
up. This is not set in stone, but looks sensible for me right now.

bye Joerg
"[...] und der Arbeitsspeicher recht schnell und hoch ist."
(Wie hoch? 2cm, 4cm? Am besten an die Decke nageln, was?

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