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Re: [Debconf-team] Something about sponsorship for Debconf6

Emfox Zhou dijo [Fri, Apr 21, 2006 at 12:52:13PM +0800]:
> Hello, I was refused to be sponsored before(by a mail), but today I received
> another mail that congratulates me for getting sponsored, is there anything
> wrong?

Hi Emfox,

As Joerg already told you, you were just put in the waiting queue, but
not rejected.

> And, If that's all right, I am sponsored now, according to the mail, "a
> special procedure is developed to get you the money before DebConf", I wonder
> how this procedure could be executed, as I'm a student, I cannot afford the
> money for flight by my own.
> Also, where could I got an offical certification (or similar materials), that
> could be used to apply an exit visa (here in China) to Mexico?

Hmmm... I see your case as very complicated - First of all, I don't
have your name in the list of people we are getting a visa
for. Mexican visa tramits have proven to be long, tedious, hard... We
were originally told a visa request takes 35 days, and it seems even
that is an optimistic measure. I can almost assure you we won't be
able to get a visa in time.

And as for sending you the money beforehand: International money
transfers is also a tramit that takes around one week, and is
expensive (around 50 dollars per transfer), so we decided to give
refunds, not send pre-sponsorship. 

I'm sorry... But being realistic, I doubt you will be able to make it
in time :-(


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