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Re: [Debconf-team] Something about sponsorship for Debconf6

On 10631 March 1977, Emfox Zhou wrote:

> Hello, I was refused to be sponsored before(by a mail), but today I received
> another mail that congratulates me for getting sponsored, is there anything
> wrong?

No, you where *not* refused. You were sorted into a queue as we did not
have enough money back then.

The mail to you said:

We created a queue of those people who are still waiting for sponsoring.
In this queue you are currently on position XX.

> And, If that's all right, I am sponsored now, according to the mail, "a
> special procedure is developed to get you the money before DebConf", I wonder
> how this procedure could be executed, as I'm a student, I cannot afford the
> money for flight by my own.

As the mail said you need to contact Andres Schuldei for that, to see if
he is able to get that arrangement for you.

> Also, where could I got an offical certification (or similar materials), that
> could be used to apply an exit visa (here in China) to Mexico?

Well, if you haven't already applied for a visa (like some others), its
possible to late, as they take some time, usually around a months or so.
Thats unfortunate, but sorry, I couldnt give out money earlier. If thats
the case please reply, so I can give the money to someone else, and then
hope to see you at DebConf7.

bye Joerg
<exa> And mind you, I have always been respectful to every debian
	  developer EXCEPT Branden.

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