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Re: [Debconf-team] Gunnar's day out - or some more good news

Holger Levsen dijo [Mon, Apr 17, 2006 at 02:30:05PM +0200]:
> > 2- Leo Utskot, a Norwegian living in Mexico, of copyleft.com.mx,
> >    offers to lend another project for the full two weeks, as well as
> another project_or_?

Yes, projector :)

> >    miscellaneous office stuff (I have the full list I requested, but I
> >    don't have enough head to translate it all into English right now
> So that we have two then ? There are none in the hotel?

We will have three projectors - Ivan's, Copyleft's and Neocenter's.

> > 3- 3Com Mexico: They will probably (we should know for sure at most
> >    one week from now) lend us four switches (3x24 port, 1x48
> >    port). I'm unsure if I requested them to be gigabit or not :-/ They
> >    also offer to give us a number (still unknown) of wireless A/B/G
> >    cards so we get somebody to work on developing its driver.
> Cool. Could you please ask them, if those switches will have (some) gigabit 
> ports?!

Yes. I will talk with them by tomorrow.

> > 5- Neocenter, a local company offering call-center and miscellaneous
> >    VoIP stuff, will also lend us a projector for the whole three weeks
> >    of the conference. I think with this we are covered in this
> >    department! Besides, they will lend us equipment and configuration
> >    aid to run an Asterisk install at Debconf (I requested for four
> >    extensions), as well as a local phone number in Mexico City.
> Cool! So lets bring phones :))
> (And we have three projectors by now - someone should probably bring some 
> audio equiqment as well, so we can play free movies at nite :)

Sounds nice - I think I could take mine.

> > 6- Comisión Federal de Electricidad - Just first contact, nothing firm
> >    yet... I have to re-contact him, as it was only a fast phone call,
> >    but probably we will get a van for part of Debconf - They will need
> >    it back by May 17, but probably can lend it before that. Of course,
> >    it can only be driven by CFE personnel, but they will be lending it
> >    together with a driver. Of course, I offered to pay for his
> >    food/lodging at Oaxtepec with us.
> Nice. But wont we need a van on the 21st/22nd as well?

If so, we can rent it... But we are saving some money with this!


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