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[Debconf-team] Gunnar's day out - or some more good news


I have been quite busy in this front lately. I'm sending this mail
mainly so I don't forget about any of them. This is the result of a
couple of days, not only one, but still - a productive week.

1- k001operator (Ivan Alfredo Zenteno) - He offers to lend a video
   projector starting May 9.

2- Leo Utskot, a Norwegian living in Mexico, of copyleft.com.mx,
   offers to lend another project for the full two weeks, as well as
   miscellaneous office stuff (I have the full list I requested, but I
   don't have enough head to translate it all into English right now
   :) )

3- 3Com Mexico: They will probably (we should know for sure at most
   one week from now) lend us four switches (3x24 port, 1x48
   port). I'm unsure if I requested them to be gigabit or not :-/ They
   also offer to give us a number (still unknown) of wireless A/B/G
   cards so we get somebody to work on developing its driver.

4- Enrique "Nahual" (don't have his family name, but he is the one who
   provided the contact with 3Com) offers, independently of 3Com's
   sponsorship, to lend four switches as well. He might also be able
   to get us some UPSs.

5- Neocenter, a local company offering call-center and miscellaneous
   VoIP stuff, will also lend us a projector for the whole three weeks
   of the conference. I think with this we are covered in this
   department! Besides, they will lend us equipment and configuration
   aid to run an Asterisk install at Debconf (I requested for four
   extensions), as well as a local phone number in Mexico City.

6- Comisión Federal de Electricidad - Just first contact, nothing firm
   yet... I have to re-contact him, as it was only a fast phone call,
   but probably we will get a van for part of Debconf - They will need
   it back by May 17, but probably can lend it before that. Of course,
   it can only be driven by CFE personnel, but they will be lending it
   together with a driver. Of course, I offered to pay for his
   food/lodging at Oaxtepec with us.

7- Visas - We still don't have an official word, but at least the
   tramit is moving. We were called to Cuernavaca to the INM office,
   and Jose Luis Chiquete (president of AMESOL, our legal
   representation in Mexico) explained the reasons for the
   invitations. By today, the requests (for the first bunch, 19
   people) should have been sent back to the Mexico City office. This
   is an almost-dead week in the country, as Easter is an official
   holiday... I suppose we will have word on this by mid-next-week,
   and I hope the next bunch (6 more visa request, IIRC) appears also
   around the same time.

8- Proceedings - Nadezhda has been asking, and so far the best prices
   we have found (and AFAICT, will find) are at about MX$30 per book,
   with the specifications I sent yesterday, which would mean MX$9000
   (around US$800) for all of them. Delivery time? One week. So I
   would set the very final and hard deadline for April 25 - We would
   get the printed books by May 2-3, which means we have enough time
   to recover in case there is something wrong in the process.

Oh! And before I forget: Nadezhda and I will be on a small family
vacation starting on Friday (Apr 14) morning and until Sunday (Apr 16)
evening, so we will be unavailable. If absolutely needed, find me in
my cell phone, (+52-55)1451-2244.

Gunnar Wolf - gwolf@gwolf.org - (+52-55)5623-0154 / 1451-2244
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