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Re: [Debconf-team] Moving sponsorship forward with some contacts


On Friday 31 March 2006 04:22, Gunnar Wolf wrote:

[lots of interesting stuff deleted, I hope somebody from the press team takes 
care of that...]

> Third, Presidencia has a weekly podcast-like show dealing with Free
> Software issues - They want to stream it from Oaxtepec, having some
> interesting people and projects neaerby.

Nice. Do you have names to get in contact with?

> Fourth, just by Oaxtepec's door there is a "Centro Comunitario
> e-México". They have -it seems, they have to double-check- a 1Mbps
> satellite uplink. They will put me in touch with them, so we can at
> least have them as a failover last resource link

Any update on this?

> I was asked by Sandino Araico for a 150x150 logo to put a DebianDay ad
> in La Cofradía Digital [3], a very visible local Free Software portal.

I just checked, but couldnt see it there yet.

> And as I was getting ready to close the day, Sandino called me again,
> telling me that 3Com was interested in sponsoring us with up to 5 (to
> be confirmed) 48-port gigabit switches. This has a strange condition
> attached, though - They want one of our kernel hackers to work on a
> driver for a new wireless card they have, but is still unsupported in
> Linux. As far as Sandino understood, he would not have to sign a NDA
> or such, but would have to commit to this - Do you have somebody in
> mind that could do this? Of course, one (probably more) such cards
> would be given (not lent) to this person - And (to our inside, at
> least) we could see this neat hacker as a Debconf sponsor :)

What is the status on this ? We definitly want those switches :)


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