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[Debconf-team] Talk proposal

I had experience difficulties with submitting our talk proposal. After
numerous attempts to submit the proposal via the debconf site (followed
by Mike Jennings's requests in february), Andreas had recommended me to
submit the following proposal directly to you:

Topper: An Open Source Driver Framework
 Max Alt, Intel Corporation
 Dario Rapisardi, Junta de Extremadura
 The discussion will center on two common hardware support issues that
affect Debian and Debian-derived distributions: how to easily install
and configure drivers for a given set of hardware and how to ensure
hardware devices will function correctly once that software is
installed. The presentation will survey questions and issues that
Intel's customers have faced when deploying an ever-growing number of
Debian derived distributions and will present a number of interesting
analogies related to hardware support. This will segue into a discussion
about an open source prototype application named "Topper", which is
designed to maintain key knowledge on hardware and software
dependencies. The application definition, scope, design and goals will
be discussed along with Topper user interface and interface to
validation environment. At the conclusion the speakers will demonstrate
the prototype, in which a Q & A with the audience will be offered.

Please confirm.


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