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Re: [Debconf-team] help clear up Debians reputation; Debconf misdeeds

On 10617 March 1977, Ted Walther wrote:

>>> I was not rejected for sponsorship.  I never applied for sponsorship.
>>> I was contacted by a contributing, useful Debian member who told me
>>> about her sponsorship being rejected.
>>Next time forward her to the organizing team.
> She already was in communication with the organizing team.  She showed
> me her correspondence with the team.  Because her key isn't in the
> keyring yet, she wants to remain anonymous.

Until you give out a name I cant look something up. We rejected multiple
persons, yes. Give me a name and I can look for her data, until then I
just take this as a false statement to make something up, that has no
real backup.

And just for the record, if its an NM that fears bad handling at DAM
stage: That wont happen - why should it?

> The rejection letters sent by the team were as dismissive and rude as
> Joerg Jasperts comments on IRC.

Both mails, the one where people got the information about their queue
position, and the one where we definitely rejected people with (and we
*only* used those!) are available behind
http://media.debconf.org/dc6/sponsorship.mails.txt now. List-Readers can
decide themself if thats as rude as I am. Hint: They arent written from
me, so they hardly can be in "my rude style". I know why I asked someone
else to write them.

bye Joerg
<liw> I'm a blabbermouth

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