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[Debconf-team] Re: Fwd: Re: Please don't feed the troll

On 10617 March 1977, Ted Walther wrote:

> MJ Ray sent this to the mailing list but it doesn't seem to have
> gotten through.  Am resending it.

It was nowhere in the moderation queue.

> The start of http://kosh.ganneff.de/krooger_debconf.txt looks
> like Ganneff started escalating it by calling Dinosaur silly
> and refusing to answer the question. Six of one...

Well, he starts with "the voters want democratic transparency. here."
See "00:31 <Ganneff> ask your question in a normal way, like anyone else
does, and you get an answer." for that. :)

>> Note: if you actually thought about your questions before you posted them
>> you possibly would be able to answer them yourself. [...]
> I agree that some of those answers should be obvious, but I've
> not checked whether all the data is published and you didn't
> cite anything. Not that I care much about this one.

Not everything is public of course. Like who gets how much money, who
else doesnt get any, etc. pp.

>> > First:  Is Debconf an official Debian project?
>> No. It is the Debian Conference. It is for/around/with Debian, but its
>> not a Debian (sub)project. Its run by some DDs and *lots of* non-DDs,
>> some of them not even package maintainers.

> However, it has financial assistance, with support of the DPL,
> from debian donations held by SPI IIRC. (Info not verified
> as it's not on www.spi-inc.org yet AFAICT) That might be the
> source of Ted Walther's confusion. If anyone wishes to see more
> about that relationship, read the SPI March minutes/logs once
> available on http://www.spi-inc.org/secretary/ or the
> spi-announce mailing list.

Yes, SPI helps us out of a time-critical thing, where some sponsors need
more time to get money out of them to us then we have to pay for the
hotel. The money they help us with will get paid back *and* it is
already known and confirmed that the sponsors will pay enough so that
SPI will get back every USD used for that.

> cc Ted Walther - not sure if subscribed to debconf-team

He is.

bye Joerg
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