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[Debconf-team] reconfirmation mail revisited

please check out the rewriten reconfirmation mail in svn and fix
any problems you see. i will try to send it at ~18:45 local time
to debconf6-announce@lists.debconf.org .



Thank you very much for registering for Debconf6!

We would like to ask you to reconfirm your attendance until April
3. Please go to


and make sure to check the "I confirm my attendance" checkbox if
you still plan to come. If your plans changed or you wont check
that checkbox, you will not be considered from the free
accommodation and food. You could still attend debconf, but you
would have to pay fully for your lodgin and meals at the

Please add your flight number and arrival/departure date (at the
airport). We need to know your arrival/departure day at the
hotel for booking/planning reasons.

You can check for other people arriving at the same time on


Check the "keep my flight info private" if you dont want this to
be visible to other participants.

It is highly unlikely that we will be able to hand out notebooks
this year. We recommend that you bring your own if you want to
use the network or work.

Please visit


in order to pick the bofs and talks you would like to attend
during Debconf. Our scheduling software will attempt to place the
events so that as many as possible can attend the lectures and
meetings they are interested in. If voting is not open yet when you
read this you can come back later.

If you would like to have a bof please register it soon if you
want a good timeslot. Generally it will be possible to hold bofs
even on short notice, if you find a place for it.

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