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Re: [Debconf-team] reconfirmation, and what needs to happen until then

Andreas Schuldei dijo [Tue, Mar 21, 2006 at 12:25:21AM +0100]:
> the current draft for the reconfirmation mail can be found in
> svn of debconf6-data: mail/reconfirmation 
> please add your suggestions and changes there if at all possible.
> currently it says:
> ======================
> Hi!
> Thank you very much for registering for Debconf6!
> We would like to ask you to reconfirm your attendance until April
> 3. Please go to http://blah and make sure to check the "i confirm
> my attendance" checkbox if you still plan to come. If your plans
> changed or you wont check that checkbox, you will not be
> considered from the free accommodation and food. You could still
> come to debconf non the less, but you would have to pay fully
> for your stay at the hotel.

for your stay and your food

> Please add your flight number and arrival/departure date (at the
> airport). We require to know your arrival/departure day at the
> hotel for booking/planning reasons.

We will provide food and lodging until Monday May 22 (that is, up to
the night between Sunday and Monday - Breakfast on Monday runs on you,
and we won't cover your stay after that day). Anyway, if you are
staying longer and want other attendees to know so they can consider
travelling around a bit with you, please enter the date you will leave

If you come by land (i.e. you drive from far away in Mexico, the USA
or Canada), please state 'driving' in the flight number field, as this
can also help other people decide if they tag along with you (once
again, of course, as long as you are OK with it).

> You can check for other people arriving at the same time on
> http://fuubahh. Check the "keep my flight info private" if you
> dont want this to be visible to other participants.
> We wont have any notebooks this year. We recommend that you bring
> your own if you want to use the network or do work.
> Please tell us which bofs and talks you would like to attend at
> http://blub. Please register your bofs that you would like to
> have soon to make scheduling the events easier.

    (ugh, I have to integrate this last part from last year's changes
    :) )

> =======================
> so we need 
> - working comas so that people can add their flight info


> - add text to the comas interface, saying that we want to know
>   the day when they plan to arrive/depart at the hotel, and that
>   they are supposed to give those, if they are not the same as
>   their plane's arrival and departure.

Hmh... I have requested people (as I stated in the text I added) to
give the arrival and departure from Mexico (assuming they would come
straight to our hands and they won't leave the conference before the
22th)... Adding two extra fields seems a bit confusing and seems like
an overkill... But I might do it. Please tell me.

> - have a "confirmed" checkbox (or do we have that one already?)


> - have the voting working again

To do :-/ But this is independent from the reconfirmation, I suggest
to ask for reconfirmation _now_ and have the voting as soon as

> - have a "confident" checkbox and logic to keep people's arrival
>   and departure private

Done. Implementation in the listing is a bit flaky, as it is possible
to guess some of this data, but I'll fix it as well.

> - clearify about the notebooks. i guess it is a save thing that
>   we wont have enough notebooks for everyone and the video team,
>   so the above is not totally off.

We still might get something, but there is no certainty yet. My
friends at AMESOL are checking if they can get something... But
nothing sure yet :( 

> - check that the cut off date (april 3) really cuts of and that
>   later "reconfirmers" and registers get a really really fat "YOU
>   WILL HAVE TO PAY YOURSELF! but pleaes let us know when you come
>   and go, anyway, for planning."-warning

Of course. Well, we have the history of changes in the person changes
log. It has to be hand-accessed by me (this means, I have not even
thought of making a friendly interface for it), but we can get the
data. And I can add a something that will remind people of this :)


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