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[Debconf-team] reconfirmation, and what needs to happen until then

the current draft for the reconfirmation mail can be found in
svn of debconf6-data: mail/reconfirmation 

please add your suggestions and changes there if at all possible.

currently it says:


Thank you very much for registering for Debconf6!

We would like to ask you to reconfirm your attendance until April
3. Please go to http://blah and make sure to check the "i confirm
my attendance" checkbox if you still plan to come. If your plans
changed or you wont check that checkbox, you will not be
considered from the free accommodation and food. You could still
come to debconf non the less, but you would have to pay fully
for your stay at the hotel.

Please add your flight number and arrival/departure date (at the
airport). We require to know your arrival/departure day at the
hotel for booking/planning reasons.

You can check for other people arriving at the same time on
http://fuubahh. Check the "keep my flight info private" if you
dont want this to be visible to other participants.

We wont have any notebooks this year. We recommend that you bring
your own if you want to use the network or do work.

Please tell us which bofs and talks you would like to attend at
http://blub. Please register your bofs that you would like to
have soon to make scheduling the events easier.

so we need 
- working comas so that people can add their flight info
- add text to the comas interface, saying that we want to know
  the day when they plan to arrive/depart at the hotel, and that
  they are supposed to give those, if they are not the same as
  their plane's arrival and departure.
- have a "confirmed" checkbox (or do we have that one already?)
- have the voting working again
- have a "confident" checkbox and logic to keep people's arrival
  and departure private
- clearify about the notebooks. i guess it is a save thing that
  we wont have enough notebooks for everyone and the video team,
  so the above is not totally off.
- check that the cut off date (april 3) really cuts of and that
  later "reconfirmers" and registers get a really really fat "YOU
  WILL HAVE TO PAY YOURSELF! but pleaes let us know when you come
  and go, anyway, for planning."-warning

... more?

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