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[Debconf-team] Not using in the end the two extra rooms :(


We told Oaxtepec as soon as we were OK'ed by the committee (I admit I
was a bit slow on this, I should have discussed it by mail as early as
possible). When they told us about this space, they had already a
request for it, which was uncertain. When we confirmed that we wanted
it, they had granted the space to the other people.

As Andreas just announced the budget freeze, I put this to your
consideration: We will have to use two rooms in the hotel for our
work, one for the servers and general committee storage and one for
the video team. This means, out of the budget we freed up around
US$3200. Those two extra rooms will cost us a bit less than one third
of that (around US$1000). But it also means we _do_ have to worry
about the air conditioning. So, how much is it authorized for getting
the cooling solution? Would the small air conditioner we mentioned
earlier (0.5 ton, around MX$1500) be enough? Would it be OK to _buy_
it and later see what to do with it?


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