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[Debconf-team] participants freeze or reconfirmation starting soon.

I suggest we start the reconfimation periode (lasting ~2 weeks)
as soon as possible, in order to not let in too many people in
the last minute. 

I would like to have the sponsored participation freeze stick
this time, without people sneaking in after the fact.

That means that we need to make comas understand that people can
update their data, but not reconfirm too late.

after the reconfimatoin periode we can see how our budget looks
and how many people can eat and stay for free and if we can spend
more money on additional stuff at that point.

I would also like the nice scripts that produce output from comas for
munin.debconf.org to show the *reconfirmed* people/tshirts etc.
Luciano and Ganneff, could you see to that, please?

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