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[Debconf-team] budget freeze

ok, i now entered a few more or less optimistic guesses regarding
money that we might be able to get from xandros and linspire.
some others say they are still trying (sun-wah, strato, siemens
promised something but does not return calls or mail...) but i
dont expect much more at this point.

So i declare a budget freeze. no more additional costs must be
added at this point. It is however allowed to refine or move
costs. if you e.g. find a cheaper van (or non at all) you can
reuse the money for something new or so.

i already canceled the translators (since we wont need any) and
just have translation equipment left.

currently we have +2000USD. that is a black zero as far as i am

Please check all costs and the current "priority" of the
sponsorees to make sure we dont have any minor bugs in there.


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