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[Debconf-team] (fwd) Re: Question for Andreas Schuldei: Debconf vs DPL [andreas@debian.org]


I know that mail is a couple of days old.  But guessing not everyone on
this list is reading debian-vote, I thought it might be good idea to
forward a nice quote from stockholm there.

Asked about possible conflictes in case he get's allected as DPL between
this job and him being head organizer of DebConf he answered:

This year we have a very strong organizing team. I am have been looking for
(and found!) able people whom I share my knowledge of how a debconf comes
together, how to deal with sponsors and what I think the underlying guidelines
should be etc and try to train them to do that very job. [..]

The complete mail can be found at

Yours sincerely,

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