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[Debconf-team] mobile gsm frecuency

Title: mobile gsm frecuency
<h01ger> what frequency does the mobile gsm network run? 1900mhz?

In the http://wiki.debian.org/DebConf6AboutMexico there is information about mobile phones in Mexico.

Looks like just Telcel is interested in international customers because just them have a web page with that kind of information. When I  was looking for information, I called the other companies (movistar, unefon, etc.) and nobody gives more information about it. Actually, in the airport there is an office of Telcel VIP where you can buy the SIM cards, the cost is of MX$150.00 (includes MX$75.00 for calls).

Would be nice if someone could publish the wiki info in the web. Please?


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