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Re: [Debconf-team] I need a letter of inviation to attend the event

Hi Gunnar,

> Are you sure? The data looks legitimate. He is not yet on Comas, but
> today a second Nigerian (John Sunday) registered - and asked for help
> with the visa as well.

Pretty sure actually.

"I will like to attend the coming  About DebConf News About Oaxtepec as
a visitor" ...
"About DebConf News About Oaxtepec" ist not exactly the name of our
conference but a string from the website. Looks very much like a script
to me or at least someone who is copy-pasting rather randomly.
Furthermore "LUKOLINVESTMENT NIGERIA LIMITED" does not exist in the net,
nor can I find any mention of "ISOKPEHI STEPHEN DADA".

Taking that all together this looks *very* funny to me. Does your John
Sunday come with comparable credentials?


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