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[Debconf-team] On the possible extra rooms


I'm quite hurried right now, so this goes in raw, just as I talked it
over in the IRC.

PLEASE READ. This includes a financial decision that has to be made soon :) 

(09:50:14) gwolf: h01ger: http://media.debconf.org/dc6/images/oaxtepec/salones_tulipan_guayacan.png
(09:50:37) gwolf: h01ger: That's the floorplan for the one or two extra rooms I'm considering to also request
(09:51:01) gwolf: h01ger: They are quite spacy (for a small meeting), and they have a little private aera
(09:51:28) gwolf: The areas with leaves and blocs are just outside... But about the private area, I mean the area labeled "A"
(09:51:35) gwolf: I think we could store the servers in that area
(09:51:44) gwolf: have the video team work in the main area
(09:52:12) h01ger: can we get colling into A ?
(09:52:24) gwolf: and use any extra space for our organizing needs (i.e. bags for registration, as the registration will be in one of the hacklabs, less than 5m away)
(09:52:38) h01ger: besides that, it looks good to me
(09:52:48) gwolf: I think so. There was a small window. We didn't _request_ the permission, but I think we can get it
(09:53:18) ***h01ger thinks it would not be good to use the video editing room as an office where other stuff is done. though socializing is nice, it distracts from work
(09:53:41) gwolf: ...Otherwise, we can rent _both_ rooms (the second one is identical) for organization stuff - Having that much empty space (120m3) is enough for the heat to dissipate, /methinks - and the walls seem natural coolers
(09:53:48) gwolf: h01ger: I understand your point :)
(09:53:52) h01ger: hmmm the salons are 4m high, the small room as well?
(09:53:57) gwolf: yup
(09:54:06) gwolf: the measures there are for this small room
(09:54:07) gwolf: OH!
(09:54:10) h01ger: (good for) cool(ing)!
(09:54:11) gwolf: You mean the "A" space?
(09:54:14) h01ger: yes
(09:54:18) gwolf: I think so, but am not sure
(09:54:35) h01ger: two salons would obviously be better, but also more expensive...
(09:54:43) gwolf: BTW, hacklabs are like this: http://media.debconf.org/dc6/images/oaxtepec/hacklabs.png
(09:54:57) gwolf: Yup... The thing is we must decide _NOW_ if we want the extra two rooms
(09:55:06) gwolf: They are not that expensive - Around US$100 a day
(09:55:23) gwolf: But another group was requesting them. We have priority as long as they don't pay.
(09:55:24) h01ger: hacklabs like 3, 4, 5, or 6 or 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 ? :)
(09:55:40) h01ger: 14 days = 1400$ * 2 = 2800
(09:55:55) gwolf: Hacklab will be rooms 3, 4, 5, 6 - Probably 4 or 6 will become the BoF auditorium
(09:56:11) h01ger: ah, nice
(09:56:25) gwolf: ...Well, and we have to mix in the costs that we
will save 2xUS$30, as we were anyway planning on renting _hotel_ rooms for this same work 
(09:56:34) gwolf: So it'd only be a premium of US$140 per day
(09:57:00) gwolf: So 140*14=1960
(09:57:07) h01ger: BoF auditorium aka 3rd room from a video POV ? (as we have 2 auditoriums allready..)
(09:57:17) gwolf: No, no
(09:57:21) h01ger: ok
(09:57:25) h01ger: :)
(09:57:28) gwolf: We will use the big auditorium only for Debian Day
(09:57:34) h01ger: aaaaah
(09:57:42) gwolf: For Debconf, we will use the Parliamentary Tower and the Hacklab Extra
(09:57:51) h01ger: so we'll use three different auditoriums, but never at the same time..
(09:57:57) gwolf: exactly
(09:58:07) gwolf: The auditorium is _too_ big (~600 people)
(09:58:12) h01ger: back to renting rooms then...
(09:58:17) gwolf: We might even hold debian day in the tower as well
(09:58:20) gwolf: ok, back
(09:58:43) h01ger: as said on the list, i would rent both, but then, money matters
(09:59:11) gwolf: I know... If you don't mind, I'll put a copy of this log in the list
(09:59:22) h01ger: fine with me
(09:59:24) gwolf: ...So people can say whatever they want _soon_
(09:59:29) h01ger: ack
(09:59:32) h01ger: before monday?
(09:59:37) gwolf: ...I'd like to call Oaxtepec to confirm the rooms tomorrow or at most Friday
(09:59:47) h01ger: ok
(09:59:53) h01ger: fine with me as well :)

(...Eight hours later...)

ARGH - I thought I had sent this, and have been unable to sit at my
computer the whole day. Anyway... The following are photos of this
room I am suggesting:


Now, as for Andreas' further questions on IRC (sorry for quoting you
without proper permission ;-) ):

(14:42:05) stockholm: in my oppinion oaxasldkfj can move their ass and fork off the rooms for free. we get really bad payment options etc, i dont want to give them much more money
(14:43:02) stockholm: i dont get the impression they are providing that great service to justify more money
(14:44:26) stockholm: it looks (from the mail) that we are in no position to make demands 
(14:44:30) stockholm: which stinks.

Well... We _are_ getting a very good treatment - please believe me. At
least, given the culture we are in. Oaxtepec is, after all, run by one
of the most feared (for slow and bureaucratic work) government
agencies in Mexico, the Mexican Institute for Social Security. "Slow"
and "patience" in our government agencies are measured in a different
scale than what you can even imagine. Additionally to this, we are
_not_ a special group for them - they are used to getting 1000+ people
groups, as they are among the very few places that can handle that
amount of people (besides being a beautiful place, with lodging
included and all that). 

When Nadezhda and I spent a weekend in Oaxtepec (and we went exactly
to check how the general treatment of any random low-budget tourist
was like), we were amazed at the kindness and good mood of practically
everybody. No, we will not get any extra concesions or any specially
good treatment, as we are not a special group for them - But, given
the complexity of our demands, we _are_ getting more than what I

(14:45:24) stockholm: what about the power-suppy-situation in those rooms?
(14:45:28) stockholm: do they have an extra fuse or two?

As we had not requested those rooms beforehand, I didn't ask on this
topic. As you can see on the photos, the electrical circuits are not
impressive nor shiny-new, but they do have at least their own
switchboard. If we hire those two rooms (I'll send a separate mail
explaining some logistical things regarding the reception), I'll also
ask for the electrical loads they can manage.


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