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[Debconf-team] On the logistics for registration (and why we want the two extra rooms)

Hi again,

For this mail to work, you have to be familiar with (or at least be
able to view from time to time) two maps:


Why two? The first map has the very handy numbers showing what each
place is, but the second map is a bit more exact, and shows only the
areas we will be working at. And beware, as more maps are coming ;-)
Nadezhda's preparing yet another one with the rough distance
measurements we made, and coloring the areas we will use, which will
be much easier to use as a reference.

I need you to locate the following points on the first map, and then
find each of them in the second one:

14 - Administrative offices
16 - Work rooms 3-8
19 - Restaurant
21 - Yautepec hotel
23 - Parliamentary tower
24 - Zacatepec hotel
29 - Main auditorium

So, what's the deal with registration? 

Originally, we had planned to hire three extra rooms in the hotel: one
for the video crew, one for the servers and one for the administrative
stuff (i.e. what we called "reception" in DC5). Oaxtepec hotels have
all a small reception desk [1], where we planned to have the
reception. There are a couple of blockers to this. Before that, check
the maps, points number 14, 21 and 16.

- People will arrive to the administrative offices, that's where it's
  more obvious for buses and taxis to drop you at. It's quite a long
  way from the hotels!
- People will have to register _twice_: First with us (so we give them
  their welcome pack) and then with Oaxtepec (so they give them the
  key and wristband - No, we cannot do that, they have to handle
  it. Period.) 
- The two hacklabs we will be using (one of them is obscured by the
  wheelchair symbol) have a small cafeteria region [2] that I think we
  can use to hand people their registration material. We could even
  take over the whole coffee rest area [3] (see hacklab map [4] as
  well - Remember we have two of them). But I think it will be much
  easier for us to handle people arriving at unplanned days/hours if
  we have the whole stash of bags (and other administrativia) 10m away
  instead of 200m away in the hotel.

Now, going out of the reception logistics:

- I think the video guys, as well as the organization guys working
  inside our bunker, will appreciate being close to the hacklab, so
  whenever they want a bit of fresh air they can just crash with the
  other hackers. At DC5 I regretted I almost didn't get to enter
- It seems to me we have better power coverage there. It seems people
  in Oaxtepec are willing to allow us to pull a thick power cable from
  the auditorium, ~50m away. The room is quite large, ~120m3, so we
  might also not need to get cooling for the servers and be OK with
  just ventilation.
- The cost will go up a bit, but not too much - Don't have the exact
  number here, but it was ~US$100 a day for each of the rooms. We will
  then be able to deallocate two (or were they three? One for
  organization stuff, one for video, one for servers?) hotel rooms, at
  ~US$30 a day.

Ok... I have to leave _now_, so that's that.


[1] http://www.gwolf.org/index.php?photos/album/13/photo/711

[2] http://www.gwolf.org/index.php?photos/album/13/photo/684

[3] http://www.gwolf.org/index.php?photos/album/13/photo/691

[4] http://media.debconf.org/dc6/images/oaxtepec/hacklabs.png

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