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Re: debconf6 video and infrastructure wishlist and notes

El d�30/10/2005 a 18:14 Andreas Schuldei escribi�

> * Rudy Godoy <rudy@kernel-panik.org> [2005-10-30 14:10:19]:
> > Another vote here. COMAS should include a note on talk proposal,
> > together with licence, regarding that (IMHO) very important issue.
> what makes this issues very important?

when we talk about working on a free software OS and not being able to
see (properly) talks papers, which is what we (everyone interested)
can get in order to learn/see what has been researched/developed by
the author, using free software.

Its like making a free software program in such a language like foxpro
reducing its potential benefit as if it was written in a "more portable"
language. It also speaks better for us. 

I'm not saying people is forbiden to use non-free software for writing
their materials. I'm saying people should make them available in a
format that we (Debian users) can properly view using Debian software
either they use such tools or not.


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