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Re: debconf6 video and infrastructure wishlist and notes

* Holger Levsen <debian@layer-acht.org> [2005-10-30 13:20:27]:
> Personally I don't like it, politically I think it's wrong, pragmatically I 
> will install this software to have a smooth conference. Unless the debconf6 
> team decides that the contents of the talk has to be licenced under a DFSG 
> free licence and that it has to be viewable (without drawbacks) with DFSG 
> free tools. I would applaud such a decission. 

we can see how things go on that front. if there are free
replacements which can display e.g. prosper or latex-beamer
slides correctly in free pdf-viewers i think it would be a good
thing to us those.

However, if I was in the situation that I as a speaker had to
pick between using a software I did not like on a
conference-provided notebook and my own notebook with a non-free
viewer or give the talk without slides, I would do the latter. 

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