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planning the timeline/milestones: CFPs, comas, website, papers


Please check out the latest version of
project/planning-debconf6.tjp in debconf6-data.

the present status is that sponsorship looks promising, the
website is a very good bit along the way and ready to move to the
real server (and certainly looks better then last year around
this time, thanks to Neil and Pixelgirl), the CFP is more or less
ready to be send out and basicly waits for the server to appear
on the horizont. Is Comas ready to receive the talk proposals?

Looking at the gannt diagram (can someone please try to produce
one to put up on the web automatically, with cron?) produced by
taskjuggler the current questions are: how long should the CFP
be, really? we seem to have air in there, but i would like to
know the flight prices of the speakers early in the process,
certainly long before the "generic sponsorship offer" runs out.  

Then, an other long interval is the time when the speakers are
supposed to write their papers. i guess it requires some pokes to
have them work on that despite the long time. Should we not even
expect that they actually use/need that time? what do we win from
shortening their time? Will we be able to use the time more
efficiently ourselfs, when looking over the talks and perhaps
even translating them? Tolimar?

Generally, please look at the times and durations and check if
they are realistic. this is the best time to adjust them.


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