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Re: project planning file in svn

* Alexander Schmehl <alexander@schmehl.info> [2005-10-12 20:42:21]:
> Got it anonymously from svn.debian.org, since I'm in no alioth group...

i will stick the file into the svn repository debconf6-data,
since there is no reason for it to be private. debconf6-team
should be used for private data like budget or potentially
copyrighted/non-distributable data like company logos or so, while
debconf6-team is for everything else, like the planning stuff.

> It's the first time I use such a tool, so be patient before hearing any
> news from be about that...

i would help on #debconf-team if you have any questions. I have
only worked with this program for one day so far, too, and the
help is pretty good, so i doubt i can tell you much that you have
not yet figured out. (c:

one hint: there is a binary taskjuggler and the GUI thing
TaskJuggler, which you really want. (c:

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