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Re: Oaxtepec news: Formal quote / menus

Andreas Schuldei dijo [Wed, Oct 05, 2005 at 09:31:50AM +0200]:
> > Gunnar, those options are fixed? I mean they'll serve only them. I
> > think for vegans we can arrange with some ingredients from both, but
> > specially from the vegetarian, and try to set "alternatives" so they
> > can eat properly and not get bored. I don't know how they take
> > "self-service".
> do these people perhaps accept some coaching regarding vegan and
> vegitarian cooking/cuisine? usually it is not so hard and you can
> wipe up perfectly vegan stuff without much/any overhead.

I am talking to them later on today, will check the points that
Rudy/Andreas have commented.


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