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Re: about the video+administration meeting...

(sorry for the new thread, I just subscribed today)

On Wed, 20 Apr 2005 16:06:22 -0500, John Lightsey <lightsey@debian.org>

We really need to focus in on what we're striving for though.
There are three different ways we can go about this:

(1) Live streaming + recording of the streams.
(2) Very simple recording (1 camera per presentation with no real
editing) and a rapid turnaround time for putting the presentations
(3) More complex recording and editing with a longer turnaround time.
If a single camera shoots 8 hours of video in a day, the same camera
will need to do 8 hours worth of playback that night.

  I'd recommend recording directly to harddrive.  A laptop and a USB
harddrive can record a day's worth of video.  I have aslo suggested
sending the DV stream over the network to a server with big disks.
That would help a lot with timely compression and publishing.

Herman Robak

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