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Re: about the video+administration meeting yesterday

On Wed, Apr 20, 2005 at 04:06:22PM -0500, John Lightsey wrote:
> > And please remind the speakers before their talk to use the mice and to
> > repeat questions for the mice.  I once did a talk, which was recorded,
> > but was quite useless, since they just told me about it the day before,
> > and I forgot to put on mice and repeat the question in the time
> > passed...
> > 
> This is a good point to remember.  In my local LUG I've been trying to
> get all the speakers to restate questions and comments from the audience
> for the benefit of the recording.  If the main presentation room is big,
> restating is a good idea regardless of whether it's being recorded or
> not.  Odds are that someone in the audience couldn't hear it.

Which is exactly what you will hear if listen to JBailey's presentation on


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