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Re: Infrastructure to hack & videostream: what do we have / need

Hi Jesus,

On Tuesday 05 April 2005 08:58, Jesus Climent wrote:
> The server can be most likelly locked, without any problem. However, only a
> limited amount of traffic will be allowed from-to the machine. I will
> contact the TKK/TKY admins to see if the limit can be overridden.

Can you please explain this situation a bit more in detail ?

> > - what is the layout of the physical RJ45 infrastructure ? how many,
> > where and what switches are needed ? (blueprints or a simplefied map of
> > the area would be good ;)
> Where are we talking about? Dormitory or CS department?

Both :-) We want network everywhere, don't we ? :)

> > - what is the layout of the wireless ifrastructure ?
> Again, where? The dormitory has cabled ethernet rooms, and has a eth point
> in each room. The CS department has eth net and wlan net, which will have
> password access.

what kind of access you'll get then ?

_one_ eth point in each room = private hubs/switches suggested ?

c|should we setup our own wireless infrastructure in the dormitory ?

> > - we need 3 firewire video cameras with tripods (assuming we have 3
> > simulatious timeslots)
> > - we need 3 servers with firewire for video-recordings and streaming
> > (3ghz, 200gb hd)
> We can provide some hardware, but i dont know up until which point it will
> have the requested specs. I can ask some people here if we can get some
> machines to be used there, but need some time.

Ok, we still have time. But we do need some machines for video streaming. As 
many, as we have simultainous talks. I'll ask the CCC for their machines as 
well, but they might want some money for them and we would need to carry them 
from Berlin.

> > - we need 1 fileserver for user-directories
> > - we need "number crunchers" for developers (and a concept for using
> > them) - printer(s)
> > - we need 1 server for LDAP, DNS, Proxy, FAI (or 2?)
> > - we need 1 fat router to provide ipsec to the wireless clients (and a
> > howto to use it)
> > - we need 1 router / firewall
> > - 1 video projector to display all the passwords going over the wires in
> > cleartext :-)))
> The last list of requests is a bit blind. We have a firewalled net there. I
> understand the need of a firewall, but then i dont see the point of the
> ipsec (the net is wep'ed). 

wep provides no security, wpa would be sufficient, but ipsec provides 
additional features (vpns) so I would to provide both (wpa+ipsec) it if 
possible. i did not think hardware being a problem. if it is, we need to 
adjust or plans (or raise more hardware).

could you please describe the network situation there ? is our network 
firewalled from the rest of the university network or only from the 
internet ?

> The other machines are on their way: HP is 
> providing one machine. I am most likely providing an AMD64 which needs new
> discs and perhaps some more memory.
> Can you clarify on these last machines?

fileserver and ldap+dns+proxy+fai-server are clear to you ? "number crunchers" 
are some fast machines to build on (if we get those).

and i would really display captured cleartext-passwords with a video 
projector. people still need to become aware not to use them or tunnel those 
protocols if needed.


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