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catering update


So far, we have figured out that the main problems for organizing
catering is the high price level of Finland, and the lack of our
own kitchen. Also, many of the cheap student restaurants in the 
area are closed. 

So far, I have recieved one offer and a few unnofficial price 
quotes. Unicafe (located at Servin mökki), is closed during
summer, and they would have to bring extra people to work for it,
and thus becomes more expensive than normally. My Unicafe contact 
estimated that breakfast + lunch + evening meal would around 20eur per 
attendant - sigh.

Sodexho's offer ( a .doc file in Finnish, I can mail to anyone intrested
seing it), is breakfast 3.50e, evening snack 4.20e, and lunch 4.80e.
The lunch price is the same as the unsubsided student lunch, and
it would be catered at Sähkötalo. Sähkötalo is not optimally located,
if we want to use Tietotalo for, but I guess a small walk shouldn't do
bad for most debian developers :) Evening snack and breakfast would
have to be brought from sähkötalo to the sleeping facilities. The
offer includes also 1e per person for throwaway dishes, but I think
we can manage atleast that part cheaper. Sodexhos offer is valid 
upto 1.4.2005.

Täffa (Teknologföreningen) offers lunch for 4.75eur and daily soup for 
4.30, but probably can't offer other meals. I'll need to call them,
as TF is very conviniently located for us (next to dipoli).

In the current light, I think it would be best to get _only_ lunch
from sodexho or TF, and buy the material for breakfast/cold supper
by ourself (volunteers?), or find out if someone can deliver the 
material daily for a reasonable price. However, buying food
for 200 people would definetly need a van, and planning what to
buy (to keep food variating enough) is not exactly a small task.

Any comments?

Cheers, Riku

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