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Re: catering update

ke, 2005-03-23 kello 21:10 +0200, Riku Voipio kirjoitti:
> In the current light, I think it would be best to get _only_ lunch
> from sodexho or TF, and buy the material for breakfast/cold supper
> by ourself (volunteers?), or find out if someone can deliver the 
> material daily for a reasonable price. However, buying food
> for 200 people would definetly need a van, and planning what to
> buy (to keep food variating enough) is not exactly a small task.

If we target breakfast of the sandwiches, fruit, and cereal style, then
it should indeed be possible to handle the ourselves, if we can find a
free or cheap van, and people to help with the shopping and carrying.
Everyone can then make their own breakfast.

There is a need to store food, i.e., a fridge.

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