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Re: petition draft

On Tue, Mar 08, 2005 at 09:13:16AM +0200, Jesus Climent wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 08, 2005 at 02:47:21AM +0100, Amaya wrote:
> > Jesus Climent wrote:
> > > Some companies involved in the development of Debian GNU/Linux and
> > > Debian GNU/BSD are helping the organisation of this year's event, by
> > 
> > GNU/Hurd?
> I wanted to mentioned working/usable kernels... }:)

yes, hurd seems less relevant right now and would confuse

> > > providing support for food and housing. Enterprises like Nokia, HP,
> > 
> > Companies?
> Companies? Enterprises? Same, right? but i can, of course, change it.

enterprises are a tad bigger then companies. Nokia and HP are
enterprises, Movia is a company, only.

> I'd also welcome correction on the style and the way I address the situation.

i think that represntation is good. i would perhaps stress that
we are short of money and could not really afford to pay for
those rooms. a phrase i use in my mails to companies is:

Because the Debian Project doesn't engage in commercial
activities, it depends on donations from well-wishers.  A modest
amount of sponsorship by NetApp would not only help Debian
immensely but would reap huge dividends in terms of goodwill in
the Linux community at large. 

feel free to cherry-pick!

well, we would need more then a "modest amount" from HUT for the
rooms. but then it does not really hurt them that badly since
they can hide it in their running costs.

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