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Some thoughts we gathered about debconf...

Based on Maxx list gathered from Austria, we have the following issues to

required things: 
 - location
   * HUT
     - hacklab (computers, connectivity)
     - testing facilities (serial cables, screens, connectivity,
       screwdrivers & tools)
     - bof facilities (smaller rooms, if possible with beamers,
     - auditorium/audimax for talks
     - coffe and soft drinks, snacks
   * lan connection/ wireless connection
   * R: Jesus Climent

   -> The proposed building has internet connection
 - IT administration
   * mirrors
   * servers
   * load balancing ?
 - sleeping facilities
   * cleaning service
     - gym hall for low budget close to the location, connectivity
     - cheap hotels close to location
   * 100-150 people (expected to be able to put 200)
   -> HUT has proposed 20Ke rent of a complete building.
   -> missing beds and/or mattresses.
 - catering/food
     - if possible use the mensa(?) 
     - or provide a catering similar to what we had in oslo
   * Liw's sister is a source of information
   * R: Lars Wirzenius (temporary)
 - social events (formal dinner, sight seeing, trips...)
     - formal dinner with DPL
     - sight seeing tour for both DDs and attendance
     - propably 2 or 3 evening events (disco/party, dinner, heuriger...)
     - 1 or 2 trips (eg boat trip/river cruise, some village/city nearby)
   * HUT has already pre-reserved some rooms ?
     - turism and social events
       * sunday, possibly an organized trip to somewhere
         - Estonia
         - Somewhere in Finland
         - visit to Linus' house
   * R:
 - sponsors (READ BELOW)
   * R: Andreas Schuldei?
 - accounting/treasurery/money stuff
   * possibility of bringing people who cannot afford the trip
   * who is elegible: speakers, DDs, NMs, ...
   * taking care of accounting
   * local non-profit/for-profit organization
   * relationship with sponsors
   * Nokia Institute ?
     - possible problems with competing companies
   * liiwi is going to talk with people from the kauppakorkeakoulu
   * Linux Aktivaatori is being contacted
   * R: 
 - webmaster, communication media, information channels
   * mailing lists are already working
   * wiki ?
   * web pages
   * ...
   * R:
 - press
   * press contacts. R: Arto Teras
 - video streaming/recording
   * "We need cameras. No, more cameras."
   * Otaniemi Underground Broadcasting S. ?
   * Teemu (part)
   * R: Martin Langhoff ?
 - talks
   * call for papers
   * "papers must become papers": pdf or similar ?
   * review board / decision board
   * preparing the speakers for speaking
   * R: Jeff Bailey ?
 - graphical design
   * design of logo and related colors/fonts/layouts
   * taking care of items: 
     - merchandising
     - t-shirts
       * base colors should not be white
     - other things
   * R: Jukka Rajala "montana"
 - travel arrangements
   * taking a bus from germany
   * flying to UK -> Ryanair
   * flying yo Estonia -> boat
   * DUDE! just make the suggestions and delegate to the origin countries
 - key signing party
   * R: Mako ?

 - O'Reilly (books)
 - IBM ("profile" needed: "I currently handle the sponsorship
   relationship for the Kernel Summit and for the Ottawa Linux
   Symposium, which are considered two community events which have the
   most synergy and benefit for IBM and where an IBM presence helps
   demonstrate our committment to the success and future of Linux. I
   would be interested in discussing what benefits a DebConf sponsorship
   might provide IBM with, as well as some more detail on what form the
   sponsorship might take. I looked at your outline of typical
   sponsorship opportunities; in general, and especially so for
   international conferences, our simplest option is a cash sponsorship.
   Shipping hardware internationally is something of a chore, and even
   locally, our development organization is not hardware rich enough
   that we can afford to be shipping away our desktops and lab
 - HP
 - Sun
 - Linspire
 - Linuxmagazine
 - Nokia (already contacted)
 - local linux companies: SOT, F-Secure

We planned to form teams and assign tasks to each team while
communication remains solely via one list.

Jesus Climent                                      info:www.pumuki.org
Unix SysAdm|Linux User #66350|Debian Developer|2.4.26|Helsinki Finland
GPG: 1024D/86946D69 BB64 2339 1CAA 7064 E429  7E18 66FC 1D7F 8694 6D69

I'll see my lawyer about this as soon as he graduates from law school!
		--Rufus T. Firefly (Duck Soup)

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