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Re: Some thoughts we gathered about debconf...

* Jesus Climent (jesus.climent@hispalinux.es) [040831 14:12]:
> Based on Maxx list gathered from Austria, we have the following issues to
> cover:

could we put this in some cvs or other repository, so we can
update it frequently? the diffs could/should be posted to this

where does Gunnars conference management system show up?
i had hoped that it could be updated and then even manage the
- food ordering (or indicating how much everyone wants)
- room usage (if many people subscribe to a talk it gets the
  bigger room)
- registration, so that people know beforehand which room they
  are in and whom they share it with, if they need a bed or just
  bring their sleeping bag, ... and the usual registration

what else do we *whish* for in a conference system?

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