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[Fwd: Re: Debconf5 proposal]

We get no beds. So what do you people think?

Nokia is offering some sponsoring for the housing, say 10Ke.

I would like to hear opinions. We can always put people on the floor,
but that is of course sub-optimal.

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On Thu, 2004-08-19 at 15:51, Climent Jesus (Nokia-M/Helsinki) wrote:

> Renting the apartments with no furniture means with not even beds?

That is correct. The appartments are totally empty. The students living
in the village don't get furniture from TKY so they have their own,
which they take with them when they move out. We can't of course rent
other peoples furniture.
The new appartments that we are building are empty as well. Suomen
Urheiluliitto (SUL) which is renting the appartments will put their own
furniture in just before the Athletes move in.

> That sounds sub-optimal from our point of view, since we would have to
> provide even the basic beds (frames and mattresses).

If your people need beds, that would be the case, yes. Based on your
mails I got the picture that everyone would bring their own mattreses
and sleepingbags and sleep on the floor. Unfortunately TKY has no means
to provide beds for that amount of people.

with best regards

Christian Elg
Vice chairman, communication and IT
The Student Union at HUT, executive board 2004
040 5936 838 | http://www.tky.fi/ 

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