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An idea for keysigning (related to Breaking Cliques at Events)

While reading the “Breaking Cliques at Events” thread I tought that it
could be nice to devote an hour slot to keysigning in the following way.

Of course it should start with the usual Reading of the Hash etc., then
people would split in small groups¹ (6 people?) and have 20 minutes to
do the ID Dance, but most importantly introduce themselves and talk to
each other a bit. After 20 minutes new groups should be formed, and the
same repeated.

At the end, the keysigning can go on as (afaik) usual, with people
meeting each other and crosschecking during the conference.

Having small groups instead of pairings would help people with the same
variety of social anxiety that I have :) and give everybody a decent
chance to get at least some signatures in the process.

Participation shouldn't be mandatory (and this should be said
explicitely) and there should be other chances to check the hash during
debconf for people who can't or don't want to attend this session.

¹ for group splitting, I wouldn't use "by seat row", as people are quite
  likely to be sitting near other people they already know.

  self-sorting is probably also going to be quite caotic.

  one method that IMHO would work is to pre-generate groups in a way
  that minimizes the number of cross-signatures among members of a
  group. Since some people will not be available for the keysigning,
  groups with less than ( <= ) group_size/2 people can be then merged at
  the moment, even if the resulting groups are a bit suboptimal.

  I would also make sure that people that are well connected are spread
  out in different groups (this may come automatically from the
  cross-signature minimisation, depending on the algorithm used).

Elena ``of Valhalla''

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