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Re: "Breaking Cliques at Events"


Chris Lamb wrote:
> > Make rules like you want, but don't think about enforcing that one.
> There was absolutely no question of enforcement — I was using the
> word "rule" in an completely informal manner.

I agree, this seemed to me like something Mark initially

The word "rule" in English -> regeln (German) or regula (Latin)...
something that an authority does to keep people in order.  I don't think
it was so intended :)

In the text Chris was quoting, I think it's intended as a suggestion,
mantra, or a game, that someone can optionally play next time attending
a conference.

What I find cool, is even if I don't play this game myself, it's
possible that someone else does, and thereby offers to begin friendly
conversation with me (which then I could accept/refuse).

Steven Chamberlain

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