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[Debconf-discuss] Any ARM embedded folks care to chat?


My name is Mike Erdahl, long time Debian user, and more recently, increasingly interested in the inner workings related to Debian-based distros for ARM platforms, and the associated problem space. In full disclosure, I work for a silicon vendor, Texas Instruments, as an applications engineer. This role means I'm not really a developer or maintainer, but frequently a customer-facing debugger, and trainer.

I'd be really interested in discussing with folks about topics ranging from licensing, reproducible builds and filesystem customization.  Regrettably I must leave Montreal before the reproducible builds and embedded Debian talks on Friday and Saturday.

If folks would like to meet for lunch, or in the evening at the beer garden or downtown, feel free to reach out.

This is my first debconf (great event, btw), so please forgive me if this is not the proper venue. 

Mike Erdahl

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