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Re: [Debconf-discuss] RVC to CdM by bike?

Lucas Nussbaum dijo [Mon, Aug 07, 2017 at 08:06:15AM -0400]:
> I remember reading or hearing about Bixi issues with phone numbers, so
> I'll share my experience: I successfully came from RVC to CdM by Bixi
> this morning, using Bixi's "one trip" plan. When asked for my phone
> number, I just entered my 10-digit french phone number (without
> international prefix). It just worked.

I'm using a monthly pass, as I requested it before DebConf and
received it in a friend's mailbox. I used it today for the first time,
and it Just Works™. The bikes are a bit on the heavy side, as I'd
expect of any public-use city bike system.

> It took me a while to understand what to do with the code (you need to
> enter it on a three-digit keypad next to the bike to free the bike), but
> that was before coffee.
> I took Sherbrooke most of the way, which was OK (but it was quite early
> -- I arrived in CdM around 7:15, maybe traffic increases later).

Due to an ankle injury, I had not used my bike for close to two
months. This is me getting back to biking; I'm very happy to retake
some physical activity!

We left RVC a bit past 8AM. There was quite a bit of movement on the
street, both of cars and of bikes. I don't think I have seen such a
level of _regular_ (in opposed to recreational) bike traffic. But it
was not tense at all, not for a minute.

Martin Borgert led the way. We stated West on University, then North
by Des Pins, West again somewhere(?), then continued North by Rachel
almost all the way. We entered Parc Lafontaine just because it was
there, but continued by the same street (Rachel), until Chambly, which
is two blocks away from Maisonneuve. There is a bit of slope, but
perfectly manageable even being in the high gears of a heavy bike I
never used before.

I'm checking my ride stats, and it seems I should not detour into the
park, as I made 46 minutes - Going over 45min charges me $1.75. Oh,
well :-]

A very enjoyable ride. Looking forward to doing it again :-]

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