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Re: [Debconf-discuss] buy/rent air mattresses on-site possible ?

Le 2017-01-25 à 14:20, shirish शिरीष a écrit :
> Could there be possibility of renting air mattress/sleeping bag as
> both cut quite a bit into the baggage allowance ?

I don't expect rentals of this kind of equipment will be offered, mainly
because the accomodation arrangements have already gotten quite complex
and team ressources are spread thin.

This being said, I admit the "sleeping bag requirement" is perhaps not
stated correctly on the wiki.

If people are comfortable sleeping directly on the cot fabric, or with
only minimal cover, then there is no need for a sleeping bag. There is
certainly no need for a heavyweight sleeping bag such as those rated for
negative-C temperatures, as the indoor environment will be climate
controlled to around 20-22C.


-- Jerome

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